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July 07 2019

SMS and MMS: Gaining Social Media Lead

SMS and MMS: Gaining Social Media Lead

There have been several methods that are used by social media in getting leads or potential customers. Some of them are effective, but how about the other methods? They test these methods if they are effective, and if proven, they are used in a real-life situation to gain or attract potential customers. One of the usual method that social media sites uses are the ads are the pop-up ads. Sometimes this strategy can be effective too because the customer can see the product because ads have pictures, and they are also add-ons. Quite frankly, other advertisements or pop-up ads have gained a negative reputation. Some of the ads are even mistaken as a fraud, and so customers tend to ignore them. Some are mistaken as viruses that if clicked, could bring harm to the user or the computer. The fact that the ads are mistaken or misunderstood decreases the capability of marketing. This would lead to another concept to be formulated. Think of it, you have billions of people around the world and probably but not all own a smartphone or cellular phone. How are social media companies going to use these to their advantages? Long before the rise of social media accounts, the prime use for communications are calling and texting. Calling is not probably a way to reach out to people and gain leads, because the fact itself that there are billions of people makes it difficult. Texting is possible, though, this can be a probable way to reach out to leads or potential customers without even being misunderstood. Through the use of texting, social media sites can notify people about the hottest trends or products in the markets as of today. There are two types of messaging the SMS and MMS, the SMS contains only words but can still be used for marketing. On the other hand, the MMS is a message that contains a picture, audio, and even videos. Through this, social media sites can send their potential lead a notification in the form of either SMS or MMS that could spark their interest. It is even said that there are higher percentages of gaining leads through the use of SMS or MMS compared to another marketing strategy. This could be the foundation of increased marketability of products and gained more and more leads. When there are more leads, there are huge amounts of potential customers that might be interested in the products or even services that these social media sites are offering. With the rise of the smartphones and other mobile gadgets today, using the SMS and MMS as a marketing method can pave into a better or increased marketability of products. It can also even decrease the cost or the expenses of the social media companies that are growing rampant today.

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It is a cheaper way in reaching out to those potential buyers and makes them into leads. An ingenious and cheap way of marketing strategy indeed.

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