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July 07 2019

Smart Marketing: SMS and MMS

Smart Marketing: SMS and MMS

Considering the huge and dense population of the earth, there are a lot of people that may turn into a lead or a potential customer. Different social media companies know these because millions of people are accessing their site, every second, minute, and hour of the day. The average people would spend 2 hours updating and accessing their social media accounts. As I’ve said, the population of the earth is in billions, and it is possible that they own smartphones and other mobile gadgets. From a company’s point of view, this can be used to their advantage. But how? How are the companies going to utilize this to their advantage? By being smart. Different marketing platforms are used nowadays, but they are expensive. Pilling in a huge amount of resources to advertise or notify the public. But there is a smart way in advertising and at the same time notifying your potential customers. Be smart, use SMS and MMS. Probably one of the smartest method but not much used. These two offers excellent reliability and capability in increasing your leads. Social media sites can use this to update their customers in the latest and hottest trends of product they are offering. They could SMS or MMS in updating their precious customers on the latest offers that the site is offering. Another advantage is that the customer can easily reach out to the company by sending a text back or directly access the social media site. The social media company may even offer some rewards through SMS and MMS thus increasing the interest of the customer. They can use SMS and MMS to gain more likes, downloads, and other offers. Chances by texting you can land an influencer. Influencers are people that have connections, are known by people and followed by people in social media accounts. The influencer may even use the SMS and MMS of the company for advertising the services or rewards, thus increasing the leads of your company. This could greatly increase or heighten your marketability and sales without even using tons of resources for expenses. The great advantage of the SMS and MMS is that it will be able to reach customers that are not reachable by the internet. But by messages, customers from different parts of the world would be reached and notified on the hottest and latest offers that the different social media sites are offering. A platform for marketing, unlike no other, because the company would not be even using manual or physical labor. Through the use of high-end technologies and the progress of digitization, social media sites would experience increase sales. This can be applied with other business ventures, a chance to increase the popularity and to increase the sale at the same time. Truly the SMS and MMS methods are one smart and efficient way of increasing leads. A convenient and less expensive way of gathering leads and increasing sales, a smart technique indeed.

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