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July 07 2019

Ingenious Marketing Social Media Leads: SMS and MMS

Ingenious Marketing Social Media Leads: SMS and MMS

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Did you know that a person regularly checks their phone? Every 12 minutes, that person would be looking at his or her phone checking if any messages or notifications have come in. And the average person spends the day 2 hours immersing his or her time in social media. Now, some people are using online as part of their business ventures — using social media, such as Facebook as a marketing tool to gain and attract lead or potential customers. Selling different products, merchandises, or clothing through social media is one of the ingenious ways of marketing. Facebook is not the only social media site that is accessible to billions of people around the world. Some are popular, just like Facebook. And this means that there is more business platform to sell or advertise those products of yours. And there are numerous people nowadays relying on online markets to satisfy their needs to buy and use social media sites to notify them on the latest and hottest trends in the market today. Then you think that you could live by using social media only. But if you truly are a business minded person, you would not focus only on one method of marketing leads or products. Limitless techniques are waiting to be discovered, and I’m going to give one. Facebook even uses this method because this one is reliable even though their customer does not go online. Facebook and other social media sites send messages to their customers. Yes, you read it right, a message, not an email though, I’m talking about SMS or MMS. This is one method that would help them widen their scope and increase their marketing lead. This method would bring them more success while using less expensive resources. Imagine receiving a message from Facebook, even without connecting to the internet. Imagine that there are billions of people engaging in mobile gadgets today, and to be able to send billions of message to billions of customer is a significant investment. The company is receiving a pile of orders or requests from different customers from across the world, thus increasing the sale and market capabilities of Facebook and other social media site at work. Can you imagine the world immersed in digitization? Well, don’t imagine because you are already in it. A world that is immersed in the online world, embracing advancement. And using technological capabilities to your advantage, in this case, a mode of marketing leads and potential customer. Nowadays, competition in the market is rampant, and other companies have devised ingenious ways to increase their sales without even spending huge amounts of resources. Truly the success of the SMS and MMS can be manifested. So, if you ever received any messages on the different offers from any social media sites, then they are using the messaging method to increase their sale. And it is working because we are mobile addicts and are always interested in the latest trends in the market.

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