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July 07 2019

Improve Social Media Marketing Lead

Improve Social Media Marketing Lead

One of the marketing techniques that exists today is the SMS and the MMS or known as the text. Why? Most of the people nowadays have engaged themselves in mobile. Meaning, the people now are relying on the capability of mobile devices to deliver their needs in front of them now. This is surely an effective way of marketing. Why? Studies say that a huge percent of the population reads text messages almost every day. And there is also a huge percentage of people that responds to these texts. So now, you know why that these would help social marketing lead increase to a maximum. Although social media is a platform, you need to exhaust all means possible to increase the marketing capabilities. Let me first explain to you the capabilities of social media as a marketing platform. Social media is a haven for all people of all age and sex. People would spend most of their time in the virtual world of internet access to these sites. Business minded person views these as one of the successful platforms because they can interact with different people from different places and are already considered as potential lead or customers. Remember that there are several social media sites, and this means that there are various online platforms that people in business can use. But what if those people went offline? Decides to take a breather from being online? How can they be updated of the hottest trends and sales? How? What are the means to notify them if they are not connected to any connections such as Wi-Fi or mobile data? There is one solution to that problem, and it is named as messaging. There are two types of messages the SMS and the MMS. The SMS contains only a simple group of words that deploys a message. Different to the MMS which can be attached with an audio, photo, or even a video. Here’s the thing, people would still be able to receive these messages even though they are not connected to any internet connections, right? And people tend to read anything that is sent on their mobile. So their attention is already yours when you sent that text already. What’s going to interest them more is the inside of the message that you have sent. What does your message contain? Definitely, it would be the products or services that you are offering, and if they are interested, they will hit you back with a reply, and that customer is already considered as your marketing lead. And did I mention that you can send a text message to huge mass of people? It can, text can reach great number of people, and thousands of them would be reading your text messages, and some people are going to be interested in your offers, so expect thousands of replies within minutes. This is the power of the SMS and MMS messaging as a marketing lead, increasing your marketability and sales at the same time.

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