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June 29 2019

MMS Marketing and How it Helps Businesses

MMS Marketing and How it Helps Businesses

MMS Marketing refers to the method of mobile advertising, making use of MMS or Multimedia Messaging Services to send improved and clear text messages. MMS Marketing is said to be the splashier, smarter and stronger cousin of SMS marketing.

Common Features of MMS

With MMS, individuals can easily add all sorts of rich media right inside the messages, including gifs, images, audio and video files. You can even write about 1,600 characters in one single message. This is not possible in the case of SMS that only allows regular texts to up to 160 characters, particularly in the US. MMS Marketing is also referred to as video messaging, multimedia messaging, and video massaging. But what you call. This does not matter as much as what you can significantly do with it.

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How MMS Marketing Helps

Multimedia messaging services have already been around long years ago, allowing smartphone and cellphone users to send multimedia messages. MMS marketing service is commonly based on SMS and usually associated with the same messaging platform. What you need is a reliable text messaging plan, and you’re good to go. Moreover, MMS marketing continues to grow as powerful and effective engagement tools that marketers can use to be notable in continuously crowding markets. MMS marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to send multimedia messages which might pave the way for better chances of capturing the attention of customers than simple SMS messages. Not only this, but MMS is also considered two-way street. Brands can also send their videos, gifs and pictures to entice them to make their purchases and retain their products and services. However, marketers might also request videos and images from their audience if they’re fielding customer requests or running contests.

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Create the Best MMS Campaigns Now with Textsoda

The business competition is undeniably tough today, so to beat your competitors, you need to have the edge over them. MMS campaigns can do wonders. If done the right way, this can help you reach numerous customers and get your products or services closer to them. Textsoda has a uniquely different platform where you can easily create MMS and SMS campaigns. These marketing campaigns are eventually linked to the Textsoda mobile application. In such a case, you don’t need to pay Twilio, or Plivo for high rates for every text message sent or campaign delivered. You need to create your own Textsoda account in your Android phone and can take advantage of the unlimited phone plans. There will be no hidden charges and high fees, so get started and send your messages now.

You must create your account in Textsoda, create keywords, have potential clients text “your keyword” to (424) 999 SODA (7632). By using this platform, you can create the best MMS campaigns easily and can even add custom numbers into any list. Textsoda is what you need to send unlimited messages to individuals in your list. Tap on the power of MMS marketing and let Textsoda be your partner in reaching your marketing goals.

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